Pictured: (L-R) Dan Penney (Owner, Dan Penney Automotive Group), Bob Hand (Dr. Jack’s brother & Co-founder of the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation), Tina Hand (Dr. Jack’s widow), Jill Penney (General Manager of Mercedes-Benz), Paul Newhook (Member who nominated Jack Hand), and Sean Stack (S.R. Stack & Co-Founder of 100 Men). Missing from photo are 100 Men NL’s additional founders: John Atkins (JAC), William Cahill and Jeff Power.


The Third Time’s A Charm

Another festive meeting of 100 Men NL is in the books, and the old adage; “the third time’s a charm” is certainly true of the charming eloquence of our generous host Mercedes-Benz (Dan Penney Automotive Group).

Once our members were ready, we heard from and voted between the three charities represented;

The worthiness of these charities was apparent with our closest vote yet, and ultimately our members voted in support of the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation. You can view our video about this foundation here.


Thank You Mercedes-Benz!

Our host further displayed their generosity and kindness, by donating an additional $5,000 through 100 Men to the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation. We want to express a huge thank you to the Dan Penney Automotive Group for the generous donation as well as the warm welcome at Mercedes-Benz.


Small Efforts, Combine to Make a Big Impact

If you are a member of 100 Men NL and were unable to attend the meeting, please follow up with your donation as soon as possible. With your combined efforts, we hope to present The Jack Hand Legacy Foundation with a cheque for nearly $19,000!

If you are not a member and want to give a damn with us, sign up today and join us at our next meeting on April 27th at BMW.