A Damn Big Thank-You to Our Hosts

100 Men Who Give A DAMN – NL held its fourth meeting on Monday, April 27th and were hosted by BMW on Kenmount Road.

A big thank-you goes out to our hosts. Their beautiful showroom and generosity helped to make this event one of our best to date. The team at BMW were extremely generous, providing catering and a door prize, which was won by Tony Scott.

Frank Howard, owner of BMW, went the extra mile and announced that they
would top up our donation to the selected charity by $5,000!

Three Worthy Causes Presented

At the event, we learned about three great charities:

– the Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association, nominated by
Stephen Hogan

– Active Start, nominated by Colin Sullivan

– Team Broken Earth, nominated by Dr. Andrew Furey

And the Cheque Goes To…

Ultimately, the membership selected Active Start to be our recipient charity. Active Start, which does a lot of incredible work for the community by keeping children happy and healthy, was an excellent choice. You learn a lot through play and creativity, and Active Start provides a free and safe venue for children ages 0-6 years to get active. A huge congratulations to them.

This fourth meeting wrapped up our first year together and through our first three meetings we have been able to donate $47,450 to three very deserving charities: Young Adult Cancer Canada, Choices for Youth, and the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation.

Joining Forces for a Good Cause

Our next meeting will be held Wednesday, July 22nd at Easter Seals on Mt. Scio Rd. We will be having a joint meeting with 100 Women Who Care and pooling our donations to make one BIG donation.